Maxi Kimono Cover Up

Western fashion is slowly adopting the Kimono-inspired style. Kimono cover-ups look cute and can make a casual dress look pretty and expensive in a breath.

If you are someone who wants to enjoy wearing the trendiest skinny jeans and shorts without worrying about exposure, kimonos will be the go-to item in your closet.

White Kimonos…

White is the safest color to incorporate in any outfit. The great thing about white is that it complements all skin tones, and it adds beautiful light to all outfits.

Since a long white kimono is a super versatile item, you need to have one in your wardrobe. The kimono will give your casual outfit a nice pop; you can use it as a cover-up for your beach day outfit. Pairing the kimono with a beautiful high waisted bikini and a jute handbag will make you look yacht party-ready.


It makes you look taller when worn with wedges

The long cylindrical kimono already provides you with the illusion of a longer body. However, pairing up the long kimono with wedges will add a few more inches. Besides, wedges are super comfortable to wear, and since they have a thick sole, they add the inches seamlessly.

It makes you look tanner

If you have pale skin, wearing a white kimono will make you look like you soaked the sun right. The white color is very bright and makes all skin tones appear tanned. It is the perfect look to go for in the summer.

Kimonos are Airy and Comfy

You know when a fashion article is coming from Japan; it has more than one purpose. The best thing about the kimonos is they look cool, they are comfortable to wear, and the airy. It means that you can wear them on a hot summer day comfortably.

The kimono will not make you feel hot. Instead, it will protect you from scorching sun rays and cancer-causing UVA rays.

They are Versatile

You can pair the kimono with absolutely anything. Kimonos will work beautifully with your beach outfit, skinny jeans and plain knitted shirt, and your grocery outfit. Kimonos are a big fashion statement piece, which mixes in with all outfits perfectly.

These days, almost all clothing stores are making white kimonos. You can purchase it from any store. However, the one in their picture above is from Revolve. The store has several options for kimonos. They are literally your white kimono heaven. Therefore, I recommend that you check their store.

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