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Few accessories can pull a look together quite like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Like every woman, a little sparkle always has me feeling both radiant and effortlessly chic. For example, I love wearing a gorgeous emerald to bring out the warm tones in my skin, a red ruby to add an elegant touch to my look, or diamonds to capture anyone’s attention. Gemstones are timeless and magical, but they also can be challenging to come by. Yes, you can go jewelry shopping in your local shopping mall, but the world’s most beautiful stones only land in the hands of trusted professionals. That is why I go to Angara for all of my precious gemstone needs. 

These jewels are some of the most desirable items in the world today, which makes them susceptible to fraud, theft, or mishandling during transit. If I choose to invest in jewelry, I want to ensure that my purchases are carefully handled, safely delivered, and come with proof of authenticity. It is not just about getting my money’s worth but also protecting a piece of art that I can later pass on to my loved ones. Angara understands the sentimental value people place on gemstones and therefore offers the best jewelry shipment services anywhere. 

I recently received three stunning pieces from Angara, and I was so impressed by their delivery process. My pieces swiftly arrived in a matter of days in a gorgeous company box and with free standard shipping. All I had to do was sign once they arrived, and they were placed directly in my hands. If I can’t be present, Angara also promises to hold onto your package until either you or a person you depute retrieves it from the shipping center within five business days. All items come fully insured and with certificates of authenticity as well, leaving you stress-free from A to Z.  If you’re not satisfied with your gemstones, you also have 30 days to return them for free. In the end, Angara makes the entire process as easy and secure as it could possibly be. 

I place my trust in Angara because they are a name that has been in the fine gemstone business for generations. Having previously catered to larger retailers, their international team has brought their precious stones directly to the public. I know how much care and expertise goes into every one of their pieces because the entire operation is conducted in-house. From design to stone-cutting, polishing, and quality control, the Angara team has a hands-on approach in their process up until it arrives at your front door. It’s commonly known that the fine gemstone business can be quite clandestine regarding companies’ sourcing and manufacturing; however, Angara is very transparent in the work they do and take pride in their beautiful jewelry.

What first caught my eye when shopping online for new pieces was Angara’s impressive selection. The jeweler has so many beautiful stones to choose from, including emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite’s, and diamonds, to name just a few. It’s also very simple to customize each piece while ordering from Angara because they offer customers several styles, metals, and cuts to choose from. I love owning a piece of jewelry that feels uniquely my own, and Angara is one of the few jewelers that makes the shopping process so effortless for consumers like me. Not only do I know I’ve received a stone of the highest quality, but I also know it’s going to become a representation of me and my personal taste. 

The first piece in my recent order was a stunning cushion London Blue Topaz necklace. The gem’s deep shades of blue green were so mesmerizing to me, and I loved the claw prong setting that allows light to shine through the stone. The piece’s 14K Gold pendant with beaded detailing helps the gem pop even more by providing a beautiful contrast and an elegant look. 


My next purchase equally offers beauty as it does protection. I ordered Angara’s Blue Sapphire Evil Eye pendant with Diamond accents, and I couldn’t love it more. For those unfamiliar with the Evil Eye’s powers, this ancient symbol is said to ward off bad energies and protect you from harm’s way. Whether you’re superstitious or not, the design is still undeniably chic and looks great on every occasion. The round sapphire bezel is beautifully cut and so alluring, with small diamonds lining the frame of the eye. Its 14K Gold chain and pendant look so good mixed in with the sapphire’s vivid coloring, and I can’t wait to wear it this summer with all my looks. In fact, I loved this necklace so much I decided to purchase its matching earrings too! I’ve always found hoop earrings to be such statement pieces, and this White Gold Evil Eye set is the definition of a statement. Matching perfectly with my pendant necklace, this set is a showstopper with its sapphire and diamond accents. I can’t help but feel like I’m vacationing in Greece or some other Mediterranean climate when I wear both pieces. After all, one can never enjoy too much positive energy. 

If my purchases happened to catch your eye, they are currently available on Angara’s website for great prices. As I previously mentioned, I never cut corners when shopping for fine gemstones, and I know that Angara is one of the best in the business. Every piece can be easily customizable to your liking on their user-friendly website, and you never have to worry about your future treasures being lost, stolen, or mishandled along the way. Have a look at Angara’s extensive collection of premiere gemstones, all for wonderful prices. Maybe you’ll find your next gift idea for that special someone, yourself, or the beginnings of a new jewelry collection that you’ll treasure forever. As I like to think, things come and go, but diamonds are forever. My new gems are the new sparkle in summer looks, and I hope to see some more sparkle in yours. Best wishes to all of you!

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