Our Amazing Stay At Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa

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Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa

Kayumanis, the Bali word for “cinnamon,” lives up to its name. The resort is surrounded by lush cinnamon trees. Kayumanis remains private while situated in Ubud, also known as the artistic, cultural, and spiritual heart of Bali. The villas and spa at Kayumanis Ubud lie on the edge of the Ayung River Valley overlooking the surrounding rain forest, lush with flora and fauna.

Kayumanis Ubud is about 37 Kilometers from Denpasar Bali Airport. After a peaceful drive through Jalan Raya Batu Bulan, where we passed the entrance to Bali Bird Park, we soon saw the sign marking the turn to Kayumanis Ubud in Banjar Baung. Upon entering the resort, we immediately felt as if we were in our own intimate haven.

Staying at Kayumanis Ubud allows a private stay in a serene environment. The resort has 23 private villas, off limits to children under 12 years old, making it the perfect romantic getaway for a couple looking to immerse themselves in Bali’s offerings while also relaxing and enjoying their privacy.

We were immediately impressed with the amenities, hospitality, and knowledge shared with us by the staff. Upon arrival, a butler greeted us and guided us around the resort property. He told us about the property amenities, not the least of which were the dining options, and took the time to lead us to the light brown, fragrant and immense cinnamon trees dotting and lining the property.

I have stayed at many luxury resorts, and I must say, Kayumanis Ubud sets the bar high. As we walked around the resort, I fell in love with how green, radiant, and authentic Kayumanis is.

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"Bengkel"- Deluxe Private Villa

When we explored the resort for the very first time, we felt peace and indulgence. Our butler checked us into an upgraded private villa, called “Bengkel.” It felt like a dream; we felt welcomed, relaxed, and completely taken care of. Before entering our villa, our butler showed us how to do the local Balinese foot cleansing ritual. The Bali locals use holy water mixed with fresh flower petals to cleanse their feet and remove bad spirits from the outside before entering a home. At the doorway of each villa was a jar containing the petals and water used for the ritual.

We were giddy as we explored our new home for few days. Our villa included a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, an entertainment room, and a private pool set amongst the tropical greenery and lush garden. The décor combined traditional and modern design, with the interior accentuated by wood and pastel fabrics with glass sliding doors in the bedroom overlooking the pool and the tropical forest. The front of the bed had a comfortable work desk, in case we needed to escape our luxury for a while.

I adored the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom. It was surrounded by tropical plants, the bathtub was exquisite and spacious, and the accompanying outdoor shower was something I had never seen before in a resort. Despite the shower being outdoors, there was a high wall that gave us more than enough privacy. Not to mention showering while in view of the amazing tropical atmosphere was so much better than being indoors.

Everywhere we walked; we were given a spectacular view of the outdoors. On the opposite side of the counter, past the double sink, which overlooked a wonderfully lush garden. With each new feature we discovered at the resort and in the villa, I became more enchanted by the combination of luxury, charm, and proximity to nature.

Private Pool
Flower Bath

Breakfast Anytime And Anywhere

What set Kayumanis apart from any other resort is the option to eat breakfast wherever and whenever we wanted. At Kayumanis, they promised to serve breakfast at whatever time we wanted; we could eat it all day if we wished. The resort staff would bring our meal to the comfort of our villa, or we could venture out to the restaurant down the road.

Breakfast At Dining Corner

Elevated high above the Ayung River sat the Dining Corner, a stylish restaurant surrounded by by  tropical forest  that was at our disposal throughout our stay. It offers all-day dining and serves an exquisite menu of classic Thai cuisine, Western and Indonesian using fresh and organic ingredients.  

We visited the Dining Corner for our first breakfast. Our first meal was Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian fried rice. It was a hearty comfort food with a blend of spices which was delicious, but has me craving Nasi Goreng now that I’m home. We were then served shrimp congee and the special cinnamon toast that was to die for.   Everything was exquisitely prepared and displayed!

What was especially nice about breakfast was that a few of the Kayumanis managers sat down with us. They were genuinely interested to share information with us to improve our experience. They shared how Kayumanis treats their employees as part of their family, and also shared cultural information such as the spiritual culture of Bali. It was an enlightening conversation and added much more to our experience in a short time.

Ding Corner Restaurant
Nasi Goreng - Indonesian Fried Rice
Shrimp Congee
Tropical Fruits
Cinnamon Toast

Afternoon tea at the villa was a treat. The three-layer tray was full of a wide selection of delicious pastries and native herbal teas brought to us by a finely dressed server. Later that night we had an immaculate three-course dinner in the comfort of our villa, overlooking our private pool and the tropical forest. I had never expected to experience such pure, refined luxury during our stay in Bali. The food was delicious and had the same Indonesian flavors that we had experienced during breakfast.


Infinity Pool

We wound down the day in the outdoor infinity pool, which was situated above the roaring Ayung River and encompassed by the swaying cinnamon trees. The combination of the river and the trees surrounding us provided an ultra-sensory experience. The calming sound of the rushing river, the fragrance of the cinnamon trees, and the privacy and comfort of the pool was a perfect cap to our time at the resort. While we had the option of using our own private pool, we would often choose to stay at the infinity pool which was closer to the nature and allowed us to feel as though we were relaxing in a tropical rain forest.

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A lush jungle path led down to a secluded spa sanctuary with a beautiful view of the Ayung River. We stepped in the wooden doors to be greeted by our massage therapist. She presented us with a selection of essential oils to choose from for a traditional Balinese massage session; a lemon grass oil, an energizing oil, a relaxing oil, and a sandalwood oil. She explained how each had different effects for the mind, body, and spirit. The oils soothe with their aroma, as well as the sensation they give when they touch the skin.

Upon selecting our massage oil (I chose lemon grass to revive and refresh my senses), we were given a refreshing hibiscus drink and led to the vintage Balinese spa room on the upper deck of the sanctuary. We began our session by taking part in an aromatherapeutic foot bath which our therapist explained was a symbolic cleansing ritual to wash away any impurities before the massage. Whether it was just “symbolic” or not, I believe the foot bath does work! Then we laid down, and let our minds slip away for the entire 90-minute spa session.

Our massage therapist succeeded in relieving all tension and stress using skilled medium pressure strokes to improve circulation. It was fabulous massage from start to finish. We left feeling so relaxed and recharged, one of the best massages we’ve ever had!  After the session, we relaxed with an herbal tea near the infinity pool overlooking the jungle.

I cannot say enough positive things about Kayumanis Ubud. If you decide to visit Bali, and I highly recommend you do, this is the perfect resort in the perfect location to do so. The hospitality we received from the second we stepped in the property combined with the cultural and spiritual knowledge we received from the employees surpassed our expectations. Being surrounded by the vibrant and fragrant landscape and immersed in the Indonesian culture, cuisine, and architecture can only be described as magical. The experience was romantic, relaxing, enlightening, and mesmerizing. We could not be more delighted with the experience and enjoyed it so much that we may have to return. If you have any questions about visiting Bali, Ubud, or more specifically the Kayumanis resort at Ubud, please do not hesitate to contact me! Selamat tinggal!

With Kristin after our amazing massage

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  • Avatar
    June 24, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    It looks amazing there!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jules Cali
      Jules Cali
      June 24, 2019 at 10:41 pm

      Thank you Jennifer!

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    June 26, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    It looks so amazing there, makes me want to visit

    • Jules Cali
      Jules Cali
      July 2, 2019 at 9:16 pm

      Thank you. Let me know if you need recommendations.

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    July 1, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    looks like you had the time of your life! I could use a getaway like that!

    • Jules Cali
      Jules Cali
      July 2, 2019 at 9:14 pm

      This resort in Ubud is amazing!

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