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Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. The air is filled with the sweet smell of flowers and I love hearing the birds chirping from my bedroom window. Southern California comes alive again with the arrival of springtime. It may seem ironic at first, but the beautiful weather makes me appreciate the great indoors too. I love to open the windows in my home and let nature’s warmth shine in. My backyard also transforms into the new heart of our home. Taking my puppy for a morning walk is also such a treat during this time of year. It feels like the whole neighborhood is out and about, taking advantage of the cool mornings to get their daily exercise in. My garden is in full bloom as well, so I love tending to it whenever I have a moment to myself. I’m a big proponent of the farm-to-table style of dining, which is my lemon trees are the gifts that keep on giving. Lemons for freshly squeezed lemonade or homemade lemon meringue put such a smile on my face and remind me of how bountiful life can be. 

My husband and I take in the warm climate over a cup of coffee, enjoy home-cooked meals outdoors, and of course, have wonderful drinks especially my favorite Tequila Herradura Legend from the comfort of our back patio. The weather is particularly great here in sunny Orange County, but we know the excitement for spring’s arrival is something all of us can relate to. 

To continue the festive spirit, April happens to be my birthday month. Because I am someone who likes to enjoy life’s special moments, I’ve been celebrating all month long with different small groups of friends outdoors. Springtime birthdays are made to be spent under the sun and stars, but the current circumstances make outdoor festivities even more appropriate. Most venues in Orange County are either open or in the process of reopening to some limited capacity, therefore my friends and I have been hitting the beach town to celebrate at al fresco locales. I am so humbled and overjoyed to be able to spend this time with my friends and family. The past year or so has reminded me of the value of friendship, shared experiences, and the pleasure of spending time with loved ones. As I write from my home, I’m reflecting on my gratitude for nature, my garden, my lemon trees, my new outdoor patio, my puppy, and another year full of blessings. For the rest of this birthday month, we will continue to ‘cheers’ to everything we are extra grateful for with a glass of Tequila Herradura Legend.

I recently shared with my followers and fellow tequila lovers how much I adore my new favorite by Herradura. The historic distillery recently released its Legend last year, a rich-aged tequila that fills your senses with the smell of roasted agave. What has made me such a devoted fan of this bottle is its forward notes of vanilla, apple, and cilantro that create such a complex aroma. The toasted oak from the tequila’s custom-made barrel shines through in every sip as well, making this beverage such a treat. In fact, Herradura’s charred American White Oak barrels are handcrafted to create this unique flavor profile. Other than giving this añejo its woody undertones, the barrel’s carved grooves perfect the tequila’s aging process to create its full-bodied taste. In the end, you’re left with 100% blue agave that carries a wonderful balance between herbal qualities and sweet notes of apple, vanilla, apricot, and caramel.

I take my tequila very seriously and usually prefer to enjoy it neat to experience its full flavor. I trust Herradura with my tequila cravings because I’m familiar with the brand’s history and commitment to quality. Herradura has been crafting world-class tequila from Hacienda San Jose del Refugio since 1870. The distiller’s hacienda is the only tequila-producing hacienda still in operation today and was also the birthplace of the world’s first reposado and extra añejo variations. The brand is now well-known around the world, but it has never let demand compromise its quality. With all, their Tequila Herradura Legend is not a drink my friends and I make cocktails with. Instead, we pour ourselves a glass, kick back, relax, and savor the suave tequila neat. It’s a simple drink and a simple pleasure but appreciated whole-heartedly, nonetheless. After all, we should all appreciate the simple things in life a little more during these strange times. 

The simple things in life include Mexican dinners at home with my husband. After spending the whole month celebrating life and my birthday, my family and I have been taking advantage of our new patio by cooking some dishes from south of the border. Fajitas and flautas are two of my personal favorites and big comfort foods for me as well. They remind me of trips to Mexico, memories on the beach, and warm nights under the stars with great company. We were able to get away here and there over the past few months, but it’s now time to wind down a bit and settle in. I hope to spend more time here at home with my puppy and a few more glasses of Tequila Herradura Legend . Sending a warm hug and much love to everyone reading and thank you for the sweet birthday messages. Cheers to bright beginnings! Xoxo 

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