My First New York Fashion Week Experience



As someone who loves fashion, New York Fashion Week is one of those events you dream of attending. Seeing the latest creations of well known and new designers on models as they walk down the runway is a bucket list item on any fashionista’s wish list. Experiencing fashion week is something many only dream of and few get to do. I should know! I’ve longed to attend New York fashion week forever and finally made my dreams come true this year.

I decided last minute to join my blogger friend Cynthia (who’s also a first-time NYFW attendee) and had very little time to really plan out my visit. I shared a room with Cynthia and thankful to her for encouraging me to attend this year’s NYFW.  There’s a lot of planning and preparation and I’m not just talking about one’s outfits. You have to email PR Reps and Brands, figure out your schedule and so much more to really make the best of your time there. I didn’t have the luxury of being able to plan my trip months before like many do. However, I must say that my first experience there was still exhilarating and exciting.

I started emailing brands and PR companies three weeks before the event, which was seriously cutting it. But I was still fortunate to get into a few industry shows like Yuna Yang and Indonesian Diversity. I learned about the GPS Radar app, which allows you to request attendance to shows listed in their calendar.

I realized how exhausting – both mentally and physically – NYFW really is! It’s crazy how all these influencers make it seem like it’s so easy. They only show the glamorous side of things. I learned a lot about navigating NYFW from this experience and I’m sure I’ll be better prepared next year.

My trip was fairly quick. I only attended a few shows for the two days I was there over the weekend and for me, that was a huge achievement.





My first day there was Friday. I took a red eye to NYC from California, which wasn’t the best idea. I arrived in NYC at 5 am and only napped for about 30 minutes before I had to prepare for my first show at 12 noon at Industria for the Indonesian Diversity SS2019 Presentation.

The show was amazing! It featured 3 amazing designers –  Vivi Zubedi, Coreta Louise and Kimberly Tandra.  The designs emphasized more on “Batik “to celebrate its origins in Indonesia that has inspired so many people around the globe.

Vivie Zubedi showcased its beautiful colorful and floral “Marrakech” inspired ready-to-wear by combining the elements of the beauty of the city with the originality of wayang silhouettes from Indonesia.

Coreta Louise showcased the traditional batik which translated into beautiful modern pieces.

Kimberly Tandra presented “Nuclues” collection with stunning head pieces and elegant clothes.

With Paulina (www.lilbitsofchic.com)

Photo credit: Welington Guzman (info@welingtonguzman.com)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get into the “Fashion Palette” Show which featured 11 Australian designers, which I heard was brilliant. But it was my fault since I went back to my hotel to get in a quick nap, which was a huge mistake. I learned that if you don’t have an assigned seat, or at least priority standing status, you wouldn’t get into those popular shows. I only had regular standing status and got there too late to see it.

Outside of the shows, photographers would line up and wait to snap photos of stylish guests. I saw some photographers snapping photos of me and my bag, which just happened to be the new YSL pyramid-shaped clutch that everyone loved! Everywhere I go, I get asked about my bag!

My first day at NYFW was a success and a dream come true despite being utterly exhausted. Waiting in lines for hours at a time, being shuffled around like a lamb and having throbbing pain in your feet from wearing heels all day was the price I had to pay to make my NYFW dream come true. Next year, I’m definitely bringing along comfy shoes to switch to when running from one show to another.

That night, I attended the Gala with Cynthia and her friend Ashlee, which was hosted by New York Fashion Week Online. The vibes were relaxing and fun, with live music, drinks and an overall nice ambiance. We got to meet new friends in the industry, which is always great. Attending the Gala was a relaxing outing compared to the chaotic show schedules of NYFW. It was the perfect way to unwind and de-stress from the frantic NYFW shows earlier in the day.

Second Day





After a good night’s rest, my second day was so much better. On Saturday, I prepared for the Yuna Yang show, which was held at St. Mark’s Church. It was literally stunning!

Yuna Yang is a high-end Manhattan-based designer who showcased her Freedom Collection SS19. The Yuna Yang Collection is inspired by the colors, textures and chronicles in fine art combined with her love for detail.

Yang’s SS19 presented modern and elegant pieces in pastel colors. Loved all the off shoulders that can be worn during the day and also during the night.

In between other shows that day, I had the chance to visit Midtown Manhattan Saks 5th Main flagship store and was amazed at how beautiful it was. I wasn’t really able to browse the entire store due to time constraints, so I spent most of my time exploring the 8th floor, which was their shoe department. Let’s just say I had enough time to do some damage by buying some lust worthy Christian Louboutin shoes.

After my quick shopping spree, I hailed a taxi (Sex and the City style) and made it to my next show! Lyft, Ubers and taxis are the most practical mode of transportation for attendees during Fashion Week since it’s the quickest and best way to get from one show to another with ease. Walking everywhere would have been horrendous and tiring!

My last show was at Pier59 and called Oxford Fashion. It showcased a jewelry line and ready-to-wear line that really stunned. It was packed with show goers and I met a few new friends there. Saturday was unforgettable and tiring.

Last Day

Photos captured by: Wellington Guzman ( Wellington_Miami)




Although there were shows on Sunday, I didn’t plan on attending any because my flight back home was at 2pm, which wouldn’t have given me much time to really enjoy myself at the shows without stressing about having to catch a flight. I woke up to a typical NY rainy day and just explored the city. I stopped by Times Square and the Manhattan Public Library, which was breathtakingly beautiful. It was the perfect end to my first NYFW.

I was sad it was my last day there, but I’m glad I learned how to navigate NYFW for next year. It was an amazing opportunity to meet new people from across the globe. To see all the new trends up close and in person was a surreal experience! But the best part was being able to dress to the nines for all the shows, wearing your most fashionable pieces.

So, there you have it! My first NYFW was brief, but it was also an unforgettable experience. It was rewarding and fulfilling, measuring up to everything I thought it would be. I learned a lot and know for sure that I’ll have a better game plan for next year’s show!



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